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Why am I not getting booked today?
Customers cannot book within 24 hours of your available times. To increase bookings, open avails well in advance.
Comedians will be paid via direct deposit 48 hours after the show. Please make sure all bank info is filled in correctly
You get paid exactly the rate you select.
Each time slot lasts 15 minutes. Comedians are expected to perform for a minimum of 13 minutes.
On the availability page, click on the date you would like to perform, select the times you would like to be available and click SAVE. Make sure the time zone you select is the one you will be in when you perform!

Video- Make sure your video is clear and don't have a distracting background. You want the audience to be focused on you.

Audio- Make sure the audio is crisp. You can attach a mic to your laptop or use the mic from wireless headphones.

Internet- Make sure your internet is not bogged down by other devices. Any delay will significantly hurt the show.

Punctuality- Make sure you're on time. If you perform for less than 13 minutes, it will be considered a No-Show and you will not get paid.

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